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What you say or what they see…

Which one reveals more about you?

Are you drawn to the wrinkles on people’s faces or the hair that has been deprived of the hair salon privileges? I, personally, am drawn to the background that is silently broadcasted during the zoom meetings.

Trying to cope with the challenges of working from home and utilizing the latest technological advances, we became accustomed to conducting meetings from our kitchens, dining rooms, top of our beds with make-shift desk-tops, and our living room sofas. At first, we thought of it a victory if the cat stayed out of the view, or the children were quiet enough, so their voices did not travel through cyberspace. Most of us have been there, trying to find the perfect spot in the home, with the most non-descript, blasé background.

Does it work? Is it professional enough? What would people think? Do we care? Do our clients care?
How about our colleagues? Do we get judged by what they see?

What about the strain on our bodies, hunched over our screens trying to type and look presentable in these less than optimum work-place arrangements? I am sure, those of us who “Zoom” regularly have experienced back, neck, or various body aches due to these make-shift work surfaces.

As the number of people working from home increased, the home office design became a popular demand in residential design. Add children to the mix, attending school virtually, the home office is considered a necessity.

Based on the need, a home office can be as simple as a single workstation. It is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable work surface as well as storage or it can have multiple stations to accommodate working-from-home parents as well as children attending school virtually. Versatile lighting options can provide adequate lighting for different office or school tasks. Storage around the work surface can be customized to meet specific needs for computers, files, etc …

A Home Office Can Be...